Project Female Dance Company

Start Date: 07/12/2020

My Body Underneath

Project Female Dance Company combines contemporary and StreetDance genres to provide a unique creative experience for young female dancers in Brighton and Hove.  We produce thought-provoking multi-media pieces which address issues that young females face within day to day life for live performances and video.

‘My Body Underneath’ – is a film we made with our dance company during lockdown.  It addresses the criticisms that young women are constantly faced with around the choices they make. The piece portrays the internal torment they are battling behind their calm exterior and questions the unrealistic ideal of the ‘Perfect Young Lady’. It encourages young women to liberate themselves from critical opinions of others and share their body with the world on their own terms and in the way that feels right for them.

We are very proud to be selected to be part of South East Dance 2020 Vision celebration of screen dance.

2020 Vision is South East Dance’s online festival of screen dance curated by the artists who will take part in the opening programme of The Dance Space next year, as well as the South East Dance team and the Welcome Project Community Steering Group.  

South East Dance started life as a screen dance agency back in the 1990s, creating original short films with the likes of Channel 4 and the British Council. Since then, and throughout our 23 year history we’ve been fascinated with what happens when choreography and technology meet. As we prepare for a bright new chapter with the opening of The Dance Space, it feels fitting that we explore the world of screen dance to introduce you to the artists and work that will be housed there. 


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